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Entrepreneur's Toolbox

Entrepreneur’s Toolbox

Date & Time:
Spring 2020
Organized By:
Entrepreneurship Center

Good News!  EC is Giving this valuableEntrepreneur’s Toolbox” to you!

這是創業中心送給你 珍貴的創業工具箱”!


These are Powerful Tools for students who want to Test New Ideas and Boost their Creativity!


These Virtual Tools will be available to you as follows:


Mar 3

Blockchain Seminar & Entrepreneurship Experience Sharing

Mar 13

Design Thinking

Mar 17

Open API & Entrepreneurship Sharing

Mar 18

Pitching/Presentation Design

Mar 20

Video Editing

Mar 12, Apr 7

Intellectual Property Protection - Seminar Series

Mar 19, Mar 26, Apr 1

Protecting Founders' Equity - Seminar Series

Apr 14

Data Science/AI Applications

Apr 15

IT Market Insights - Opportunities & Challenges

Apr 16


Apr 22

Coding - Session 1

Apr 24

Coding - Session 2

Apr (TBC)

Growth Hacking

Apr (TBC)

New Social Innovations Seminar

Apr (TBC)

AI – Opportunities & Challenges


How To Register

Please note that you can still sign up for seminar which has Already Been Announced (please click in the link above for details).


For the Upcoming Seminars, please stay tuned with Entrepreneurship Center’s (EC) updates and we will announce them accordingly.