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Light Innovation Technology Ltd.

Light Innovation Technology Ltd.


Company Information

Light Innovation Technology (LIT) designs, manufactures and sells high-end fluorescent microscope system for biomedical imaging applications, with target customers including life science research groups in universities and research institutions. Currently it is focusing on the commercialization of the patented LBS light sheet microscopy technology for high-speed and high-resolution 5D fluorescent biomedical imaging. LIT has developed its major light sheet microscope product named Litone LBS light sheet system for high-resolution multi-color bioimaging which provides better resolution, faster acquisition speed and much less photo toxicity for imaging live specimen. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies in optics and engineering to provide fine optical sections at the plane being observed together with ultra-low optical power, the Litone LBS light sheet system allows most sensitive specimen to be imaged for much extended period with uncompromised signal to noise ratio and improved temporal-spatial resolution.


Flat C, 15/F, Tower 7, 8 Shek Kok Rd, Tseung Kwan O

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