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Technology Transfer


12 Labs/ Research centers

Bio-medicine field:

  • HKUST Shenzhen Research Institute of Science and Technology Biopharmaceutical Research Center
  • HKUST Shenzhen Marine Environmental Laboratory
  • HKUST Shenzhen Recomenbinant Protein Drug R&D Centre
  • HKUST Shenzhen Chinese Medicine R&D Center

Advanced manufacturing field:

  • HKUST Shenzhen Electronic Materials and Packaging Laboratory
  • HKUST Shenzhen Robot and Automation Technology Center
  • HKUST Shenzhen Cyber- Physical System Laboratory
  • RFID Center HKUST Shenzhen

Advanced materials field:

  • HKUST Shenzhen Nano Materials Laboratory
  • HKUST Shenzhen Nano Energy Research Center
  • HKUST Shenzhen Green Intelligent Technology Research Center
  • HKUST Shenzhen Aggregation-Induced Emission Laboratory

Co-founded Laboratories

SRI co-founded the following 6 laboratories with industries and alumni’s enterprises;

  1. Mannay-HKUST Cosmetic Innovation R&D Centre, Centre for Chinese Medicine in Shenzhen (Prof. Karl TSIM co-founded with Shenzhen Mannay daily chemical Co. , LTD)
  2. HKUST Shenzhen Nanometer Materials Laboratory (Prof. Weijia WEN co-founded with Huake Chuangzhi Ltd.);
  3. HKUST Shenzhen Nano Functional Materials (smart membranes) Laboratory ( Prof. Weijia WEN co-founded with Chongqing Hewei Tech. Ltd.);
  4. HKUST Shenzhen Green and Intelligent Technology R&D Center (Prof. Zongjin LI, in preparation);
  5. HKUST Shenzhen Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory (Prof. Li QIU co-founded with Googol Technology Ltd., in preparation);
  6. HKUST Shenzhen Recombination Protein Medicine R&D Center (Prof. Yongli MI cofounded with Eureka Biotechnology Ltd., in preparation).

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