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Government Programs Funding

Undertaking government research projects is a remarkable highlight of SRI in technology transfer accomplishments. SRI can now apply for the National、Guangdong Provincial and Shenzhen Municipal programs and funding. SRI has been approved as the support organization of NSFC since 2011 and developed extensive horizontal cooperation with research institutions and enterprises in Mainland China. 8 research projects from SRI were approved by NSFC in 2014; the total amount of received funds (RMB 23.95 million) ranked third in Shenzhen. Up to Dec. 31st 2014, SRI had undertaken 37 government research projects and the total amount of received funds is RMB 150 million. For more details, please click

SRI Training Programs

HKUST Shenzhen Research Institute (SRI) is a key platform in Mainland and the channel for the development of Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It works with the university spirit “Eye on the world, pursuit the excellence" and is always with strategic objectives that university research shall benefit the industry efficiently. SRI is closely linked to the development needs at the Pearl River Delta region as well as technology and industry with the forefront of scientific research, and it builds collaboration between university and the business community. It is committed to developing high industrial leaders for the upgrade technology and management. Combined with regional development and the demand for talent, SRI and CIO tailored for this interdisciplinary education and training system, designed to make trainees better understand the era of big data, the development of "smart city", artificial intelligence trend, Internet of things(IoT), cloud computing and other new generation of information technology and its application integration. These programs help the trainees learn to master the application of modern information technology to enhance core competitiveness of their own enterprises.

USTers @ SZ  Community Services         

HKUST Shenzhen Research Institute (SRI) sponsored [Wisdom] Lecture series, in which well-known professors and scholars are invited to bring insights in various fields and share their different perspectives of science, life and culture. These lectures are full of wise and wisdom and provide a rich, professional and diversified platform for HKUST community and the society, where they can better acquire knowledge and exchange ideas.

“回家计划”--@SRI  Alumni X众享沙龙

Shenzhen Research Institute(SRI) intends to invite HKUST Alumni Association in Main land and initiates a small salon, which is mainly for HKUST community at Shenzhen-Hong Kong area. At this Salon they can exchange and share entrepreneurial ideas, various innovative projects, industry experience and professional skills, which encourage alumni feeling go "HOME" at SRI. Alumni X, "X" means unknown, also implies numerous possible hope when alumni gathered at SRI, they may explore together and made countless possible chances with their wisdom!

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