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These two workshops will focus on how to embed Design Thinking concepts such as observation and empathy into course material.  In addition, methods and techniques will be discussed to ensure that course material is responsive to students learning needs and outcomes.


Date: 7 Oct 2016 (Friday)
Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Venue: Room 7336 (7/F, Lifts 13-15)

Registration Here:


創業無分大小,破陳出新才是宗旨。投身科技創新的年輕人,他們心懷夢想充滿熱情之餘,更有理智冷靜和創造力。這股浪潮在香港,也必然成勢。「青年 ▪ 創新 ▪ 未來」青年論壇正好培育青年人對創新科技的了解,以及對創業精神的追求,並讓他們有機會洞悉國際視野,了解內地以至環球的創新創業趨勢。
「青年 ▪ 創新 ▪ 未來」青年論壇邀得黎冠峰、成亮、岑棓琛、李英豪等數位優秀的青年科技創新工作者,談談科學、創新、與創業之道。透過分享各嘉賓的創科創業之路,探討青年創業的可行性,以及可能面對的機遇與挑戰。
「青年 ▪ 創新 ▪ 未來」青年論壇


Organised by CoCoon, the JU-STEP 2016 provided Hong Kong tertiary institution students opportunity in going through an intensive training in June which include entrepreneurship workshops, company visits, internship matching session, as well as talks with entrepreneurs and leaders from successful


Big thanks to Mr. Yeung Wing Yee, a renowned entrepreneur and HKUST alumni.

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