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UHackFin at HKUST


[December 22, 2017]

HKUST Entrepreneurship Center has partnered with InvestHK and Business School and launched InvestHK’s inaugurated FinTech Education Week this year. A series of workshops, career fair and a FinTech Hackathon were held at HKUST campus.  This initiative aims to bring the themes, know-how and excitement about Fintech to university campuses.  In addition to the opportunities to mingle with a group of leading FinTech experts (our judges and mentors – 22 of them), UST students also got the chance to work with hackathon participants from the other seven local universities.  More than 140 students participated in the FinTech Hackathon.


Over 20 judges and mentors complimented the participants on their ability to identify "real" industry challenges and develop innovative solutions. They noted that these types of project could make a difference in the world of finance and beyond.



The winning team, Kibbutz (Year 4 computer science students), devised a solution for the long-standing issue of how to allocate and account for money donated to charities. They impressed the judges with a combination of algorithms and Bitcoin used for transactions and verification.



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