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Eureka!! I Have a New Invention. Now What?

Eureka!! I Have a New Invention. Now What?

Date & Time:
15 September 2017 (Friday 14:30 - 16:00)
Tsang Shiu Tim Art Hall (G017), Academic Complex, HKUST
Organized By:
Technology Transfer Center

Being one of the members of HKUST, there will often come to the times where you discover new inventions or improvements on your prior work. When you discover something new or an improvement of an existing product or process, what do you do? How do you go about protecting your new invention? This seminar will provide guidance in answering these questions, among others, by addressing, for example, the following items:
- A brief introduction of various types of IP: Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secret
- What is the best IP protection strategy with respect to the different nature of inventions
- A more detailed introduction to Patents
- Patent filing and prosecution strategies: how do we decide what to protect? What is the best way to argue before the patent office about your invention?
- How do patents intersect with the other types of IP: Trademark, Copyright and Trade Secret?
- How to increase the value of an invention?

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