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Entrepreneurship@HKUST at the BASE

Entrepreneurship@HKUST at the BASE

Date & Time:
22/08/2017 11:00-16:00
The BASE, 1/F, Lift 29-30, HKUST

A startup exhibition at the BASE on 22 Aug for year 1 freshmen to have early exposure to the entrepreneurial spirit at HKUST.

In this exhibition, HKUST startups in various focus areas such as Environment & Green Technology, Information Technology, Mobile Application and Social Enterprise, have been invited to share their innovative ideas and showcase their products.

A chance for you to:

  • Learn how to put your idea into action

  • Get introduced to the world of startups and entrepreneurship

  • Know what support you may get from Entrepreneurship Center at HKUST

  • Take the first step to achieve your entrepreneurship dream

This is an open-to-all exhibition. We look forward to welcoming you there.

For registration, please visit

Come to the BASE to get a FREE drink & explore the entrepreneurship at HKUST!


List of exhibitors:



1. the BASE Team (Student group)

We are a student-run community aims to promote Entrepreneurship Education in HKUST.



2. FooPar (Food & Beverage)

FooPar is the social platform under the food theme. We develop a unique online to offline social mechanism to improve the online social result, helping people beyond their existing social connection and enjoying the food at the same time.



3. Time Auction (Philanthropy)

Time Auction is a tech-enabled charity that connects anyone with inspiring mentors while encouraging volunteerism. By volunteering 10 hours, you can meet with mentors such as Allan Zeman (Godfather of LKF), Anson Chan (Former Chief Secretary of HK), Ray Chan (CEO of 9GAG) and more.



4. Magnum Research Limited (Fintech)

Magnum Research targets the pain points of wealth management process by bringing automation and customization. With services covering all three aspects of finance, algorithm and information technology, AQUMON, Magnum’s robo-advisory engine, aims to assist financial institutions and their clients in long term global asset allocation, which eventually leads to transparent, stable, instant and affordable wealth management experiences for users worldwide.



5. Im's Laboratory (Robotics)

Ocean is a very mysterious place since it is covered by seawater. There are a lot of beautiful living creatures in the ocean such as coral reefs and sea turtles. However, due to high water pressure and unpredictable environment, diving is sometimes dangerous. Thus, the goal of our project is to build a small underwater robot for people to enjoy the fun of ocean exploration safely and easily. The underwater robot "Dolphin V4X mark II" is designed to have 4 thrusters like a quad-rotor drone. This thruster configuration allows the robot to have 4 degrees of freedom and perform agile movement like a dolphin. The modular design also makes the robot to be easily repaired, transported and upgraded.



6. Maxus Tech (Internet of Things)

A company focusing on ubiquitous computing and provide Smart Sensing and Human-Computer Interaction solutions by combining artificial intelligence and signal processing techniques.



7. 42km Mobile Solutions (App/Web Developing)

We are a newly start app developing firm. Currently, we are cooperating with an irrigation system supplier and developed an app based irrigation management interface.

One popular feature is the ability to use it as a remote control which can reduce the workload for gardeners and enhance the accuracy of irrigation in an intelligent way ! Meanwhile, we can provide system user interface, trending & reporting; scheduling which can monitor & control your irrigation system in mobile device anytime!



8. Auvi Entertainment Inc Limited (Electronics, Audio and Visual)

We utilizes core technologies in hardware and software to provide revolutionary and reliable wireless streaming solutions. We are the first company that offer hi-resolution audio with best-in-class sound quality and unlimited music choice.

Auvi is a seasoned company with Products & Apps, and breakthrough technology that brings you the true “lossless” music by perfecting the HRA (High Resolution Audio) specification and is the ultimate online-to-offline (O2O) activator of digital music!



9. OQTAGON Limited (Virtual Reality)

Razergon VR is a powerful, lightweight, wireless VR Headset made for everyone. With an incredible, vibrant 2K Screen and a motion controller built for Virtual Reality, Razergon VR gives you the ultimate entertainment experience. Whether it’s watching Netflix, YouTube Videos, 3D movies or even flying a spaceship, everything feels more immersive with Razergon VR.



10. Void (healthcare)

VOID is a hypnosis service device which has been established by a certified clinical hypnotherapist. VOID is a mobile app with single-channel platform to provide hypnotic service.



11. eTron Electronic Materials (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd (Advanced Electronic Materials)

eTron products advanced fluoresent liquid crystal polymer which has enhanced the brightness of liquid crystal writing board upto 300%. This technology leads to the practical application on the meter-sized writing black board.



12. ChatCampaign (Marketing Tech)

We replace spammy emails with conversations. ChatCampaign let marketers broadcast highly personalized interactive marketing campaigns.



13. Timable (Media)

A platform for discovering and searching for local events and happenings by time, location and preference with mobile app and website. Regional coverage includes Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei and Australia.



China Entrepreneur Network (CEN) is an university alliance with over 10 chapters across the continent. The HKUST Chapter dedicates to promoting entrepreneurship and social innovation. We hold regular training programs in formats of workshops, talks, forum, etc. in hope of giving our members a more diverse and holistic view of our theme topics. We also partner with local startups, social enterprises, innovation hubs, and the like in carrying out networking events.


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