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Building an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Building an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Date & Time:
01/09/2017 15:00-17:50
Room 4334 (Lift 3)

123 (2)

The Entrepreneurship Center is offering a Talk on:

“Building an Entrepreneurial Mindset - Strategies For Continuously Creating Opportunities For Life”


How can we equip ourselves in today’s fast-changing environment and a world full of uncertainties?

With the right mindset, you can capitalize on these challenges and create new opportunities for yourself and your communities.

People who have an Entrepreneurial Mindset often exhibit the following traits:

  • They are creative and flexible
  • They take action even when they feel insecure
  • They don’t have enough resources but they are resourceful with what they have
  • They forge ahead to address the opportunities rather than waiting for instruction
  • They confront challenges and rise to the occasion

In this inspiring talk, Professor Erwin Huang (黃岳永), a proven ChangeMaker and a very successful Entrepreneur and Leader of many businesses, will share his insights on how to build an entrepreneurial mindset.

Professor Erwin Huang has found several highly recognized and innovative businesses. He is the founder of the Personal Emergency Link (平安鐘) and WebOrganic (有機上網), and time and again he has used unconventional approaches and created new business models to create win-win for different stakeholders.

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